• Through-tubing selective re-entry access to all laterals
  • Ability to control or isolate flow from the main bore and lateral
  • One-trip capability to install RAM hanger and seal bore diverter with an optional liner shoe

  • New field developments or mature field revitalizations
  • TAML L3, L4, and L5 with conventional completions
  • TAML L3, L4, and L5 with multistage fracturing completions



The RAM™ Rotatable Multilateral System is a TAML Level 3 system that provides mechanical support of the junction with re-entry capability to your well’s laterals.  Suitable for both new or re-entry applications, the system can be deployed in wellbore inclinations of greater than 90 degrees.

The system also offers you the ability to continuously rotate the lateral liner independently of the junction during deployment and landing. This feature is useful in your extended-reach drilling applications or challenging hole conditions that prevent your liner from reaching total depth by slackoff weight alone.

Efficient deployment and install

A casing exit is first created using the field-proven, one-trip WindowMaster™ G2™ Whipstock System latched into the orientation profile of a MLZXP liner hanger. After the whipstock is retrieved, the RAM Rotatable Multilateral System, consisting of a RAM hanger and seal bore diverter (SBD), is deployed.

The SBD is oriented with the casing exit using the same MLZXP profile. The lateral liner is deployed on the RAM hanger which self-orients, locates, and latches into the SBD. A collet mechanism affords snap-in/snap-out of the RAM hanger to confirm its location in the SBD, without the use of additional devices such as a liner hanger.

Multiple completion options

The RAM Rotatable Multilateral System is available as a TAML Level 3, Level 4, or Level 5 junction to address any of your completion needs.

A RAM lateral entry module (LEM) completion system is used to complete the system as a TAML Level 3 or Level 4. The RAM LEM is a tubing-mounted completion accessory that allows installation of multiple Level 3 or Level 4 systems in a single well.

A RAM dual seal module (DSM) completion system is used to create a TAML Level 5 junction. The RAM DSM completion accessory is installed with the production string into the Level 5 RAM Hanger. The RAM DSM can be run on parallel tubing strings or the flow can be comingled using a selective re-entry tool.

Both options give you through-tubing selective re-entry and the ability to control or isolate flow from your main bore and each lateral.

Contact us to learn how the RAM Rotatable Multilateral System can help you maximize production rates in your demanding multilateral wells.

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