When it comes to planning a cement job for your wells, you need assurances that the cementing application will deliver reliable, long-term wellbore isolation—particularly under challenging and variable conditions.

Drawing on decades of experience, Cementing Application services from Baker Hughes combine proven best practices, proprietary design software, and experience-driven innovation to ensure a secure hydraulic seal between your well and formation rock.

Standing up to wellbore extremes

Working with us, you get assurances that the cement system you employ isolates and protects its target zone for the life of your well. Systems like Baker Hughes's Set for Life™ cement slurry system provide robust, reliable isolation under the most extreme conditions of temperature, density, chemical, stress, and ecologically sensitive environments.

Our engineered slurries are custom designed to your specific wellbore conditions, based on up-front, accurate performance modeling and the application experience of our cementing experts. This comprehensive offering delivers the optimal slurry with significant strength, durability, and other performance advantages over conventional cement systems.

  • Combat shallow-water and gas flows in deepwater wells
  • Ensure a tight seal in low-density, low-pressure, weak formations
  • Prevent microannulus gas migration
  • Withstand CO2 and other corrosive environments with no loss of cement integrity
  • Achieve lifetime zonal isolation in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wellbores

Let’s work together to develop a cement system that is optimized to ensure your well’s long-term isolation.

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