• Consistent and repeatable wellbore placement
  • Simplified casing and completion installations
  • Increased rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Seamless remote operations

  • Drilling operations with complex well paths to target depth (TD)
  • Long laterals requiring high-quality wellbores for completion operations

Minimize wrong turns on your well’s path to TD with the latest step change in drilling automation from Baker Hughes. The i-Trak™ automated directional drilling service delivers high-quality wellbores with greater precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Building on the advances of the AutoTrak™ rotary steerable system (RSS) and Lucida™ advanced RSS, the i-Trak automated directional drilling service adds a surface-based, automated algorithmic controller that mimics a human driller. While drilling, the service continuously compares the drill bit’s position to your geometrical well plan. As soon as the bit begins to drift off plan, the service automatically generates targeted steering commands to get your well back on track.


Enjoy greater flexibility in drilling control

The i-Trak automated directional drilling service helps you carry out drilling decisions with high efficiency and ease.

In Advisory mode, the service sends updated steering proposals to your drilling team for review. Once the proposed plan is approved, the driller sends commands to the RSS downhole.

In Active Control/Automated mode, the service’s controller automatically sends commands to the RSS for rapid course corrections. Your drilling team observes the operation but no longer needs to take an active role in executing the commands.


Leverage an automation technology with a proven track record

The i-Trak automated directional drilling service has helped improve drilling performance and wellbore placement in various complex drilling environments.

In one offshore field development, the automated service helped the operator drill several wells with an average ROP of 45 m/hr (148 ft/hr), a 29% improvement compared to previous wells drilled with conventional tools. In one well, the i-Trak automated directional drilling service achieved an average ROP of 60.9 m/hr (200 ft/hr), a new field record that helped deliver the well 23 hours ahead of AFE.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to learn how i-Trak automated directional drilling services can get your well to TD with greater precision and efficiency.