• Removes mud filter cake and remediates near-wellbore damage
  • Water wets solids and solubilizes oil from filter cake
  • Expands Morphic™ shape-memory polymer media

  • Openhole sand control completions using the GeoFORM solution
  • Reservoirs with temperatures less than 200°F (93°C) and drilled with an oil-based drill-in fluid

Effectively remove mud filter cake and protect your pay zone with the GeoWASH™ filter cake remover and activation fluid from Baker Hughes. The proven fluid solution fully dissolves filter cakes, water wets solid surfaces, and removes emulsion damage while drilling.

At the same time, the GeoWASH fluid activates and expands the GeoFORM™ conformable sand management solution’s Morphic™ shape-memory polymer media. The GeoWASH fluid combines the GeoFORM activating agent with an enhanced cake remover (ECR) for efficient wellbore cleanup and flow assurance. With this solution in your well, you’re assured proven sand control for the most complex well profiles and ultrafine sand formations.

Get a GeoWASH filter cake breaker fluid that is custom-blended for your specific application. Through extensive lab testing, we work with you to develop the right formulation to optimize breakthrough delay, cleanup, and the GeoFORM solution’s expansion rate. Each solution, which can be prepared in a variety of base brines, is customized for compatibility with the components of your drill-in fluid for optimal filter cake removal.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to learn how GeoWASH filter cake breaker and activation fluid protects your pay zone while drilling to set up your well for maximum long-term production.   

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