• Availability and reliability maximization
  • Mid/long-term budgeting and planning
  • Technological edge through fully integrated services

  • Outage management to minimize downtime
  • Highly competent Resident Engineers
  • OEM support

  • LNG
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical
  • Industrial, utilities



We provide Multi Maintenance Programs (MMPs) for customers who prefer to drive maintenance activities with OEM support and access to latest technologies and value services.

Our Contractual Service Agreements (CSAs), on the other hand, are contracts designed to deliver availability and productivity guarantees over the full asset lifecycle through a risk-reward scheme—a partnership between Baker Hughes and the customer.


Multi Maintenance Programs (MMP)
  • Exclusive mid-term agreement with commercial incentives linked to duration of the agreement
  • Maintenance plan driven by customer
  • Added value services: digital Asset Performance Management, parts stock, upgrades 
  • Project management and Resident Engineers


Contractual Service Agreement (CSA)
  • Exclusive long-term agreement that protects against market cycles and volatility—enabling stable and predictable cost management
  • Planned, unplanned, and extra work coverage—new parts, repairs, and field services
  • Availability guarantees—granted production per year with bonus/malus program
  • Added value services—digital, Resident Engineers, parts stock, upgrades 
  • Advanced technologies—generating value for customers, including higher production


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