Long-chain asphaltenic compounds in crude oils can wreak havoc up and down your value chain. FORSA™ asphaltene management solutions from Baker Hughes mitigate deposition problems that lead to formation damage, plug equipment, and impact crude stability.

Our asphaltene inhibitor technologies deliver tangible benefits at every stage of oil production, transport, and processing.

Prevent plugging. Keep your oil reservoir, production piping, and transport equipment free of asphaltene deposits for optimal production.

Extend run time. Stretch production time year-round by decreasing the frequency of remediation while lowering the likelihood of fouling in artificial lift systems and other production equipment.

Optimize your treatment. Develop, select, and monitor the in-field performance of more efficient, cost-effective inhibitors with our asphaltene stability analysis methods.

Boost profits and safety. Break the cycle of continuous asphaltene remediation for your operation, thus avoiding lost production revenue while minimizing safety risks for your field personnel.  

Let’s work together to develop the optimal asphaltene management strategy that keeps your oil flowing freely—from the reservoir to the refinery.

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Asphaltene management