Sand control pumping services from Baker Hughes deliver a comprehensive portfolio of fluids and additives that are customizable to your specific hydraulic fracturing and sand control needs. 

Building on our pioneering work of using clear brines for the Alpha/Beta gravel packing technique, our solution offerings have grown to address any sand control challenge you face.

  • Viscous carrier fluids for both openhole gravel pack and cased-hole frac pack applications
  • Basic, high-yield, and heavy-weight guar borate crosslinked fracturing fluids
  • Viscoelastic surfactant fracturing fluids
  • Formation treatment fines control systems
  • Invert emulsion oil-based carrier fluids
  • Resin consolidation systems for both formation and in-situ gravel consolidation.

Contact us to learn how sand control pumping services from Baker Hughes can optimize your hydraulic fracturing operations for maximum reservoir recovery.

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