• Gain maximum cleaning efficiency with 100% water wetting of all metal surfaces
  • Optimize displacement efficiency of OBM/SBM to completion brine with minimal formation damage
  • Improve debris removal for proper tool setting and reduced rig time

  • Oil- and synthetic-based wellbore displacements
  • Deepwater, shelf, or land wellbore cleanups



Optimize your wellbore cleanup process prior to completing your well with the Baker Hughes MICRO-PRIME™ high efficiency, wellbore-cleaning spacer system. Our proven, revolutionary technology effectively displaces oil-based muds (OBMs) or synthetic-based muds (SBMs) and solids to streamline your completion installation and set up your well for improved production.


Advanced technology, assured drilling fluid displacement

SBMs and OBMs are typically tenacious and difficult to remove from metal surfaces. The MICRO-PRIME system uses advanced mesophase technology that cleans and water wets all surfaces, solubilizing oil on contact to ensure easy cleanup of casing and risers.

The MICRO-PRIME system works effectively, even at high levels of contamination from OBMs and SBMs. It also water wets the reservoir area, with no risk of damage to the formation, to maximize production from the zone.

The MICRO-PRIME system has two spacers designed to maximize your cleaning efficiency and minimize waste generation. The viscosified transition spacer is dual functioning, piloting the displacement and providing improved cleaning and wetting capacity. The cleaning spacer completes the process by cleaning and water wetting your downhole metal surfaces. The two processes take place in one circulation, letting you commence the completion installation more quickly.

The system does not require any special mixing equipment, saving you time and money on the field deployment. And because no solvents are required to remove oil residue from the metal, your environmental and health hazards are reduced.

Count on the application expertise of Baker Hughes wellbore cleaning specialists to help you plan the optimal cleanup process for your well. Using a full suite of displacement modeling software, our specialists accurately simulate and develop effective cleanup strategies for every scenario—even difficult deepwater displacements.

In wellbore cleanup operations around the world, both onshore and off, the MICRO-PRIME system has helped operators maximize cleaning efficiency while reducing the risks associated with challenging completion operations.

Contact us today to find out how the MICRO-PRIME system can help optimize your wellbore cleanup.

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