• Safely process higher TAN and sour crudes without expensive equipment upgrades
  • Improve unit safety and equipment reliability
  • Improve the flexibility of your crude oil selection

  • Refinery crude distillation of sour, high TAN crudes
  • Refineries aiming to boost profitability by processing opportunity crudes

Confidently address the processing constraints of sour or high total acid number (TAN) crudes with the SMARTGUARDTM high-temperature corrosion control program from Baker Hughes. Through a combination of accurate assessment, tailored additives, and real-time monitoring, the SMARTGUARD high-temperature corrosion control program lets you increase your crude sulfur or TAN levels for improved operating margins.


Comprehensive corrosion assessment and control

Refineries have to balance the profitability improvements of processing sour or high TAN crudes with the operations challenges they bring. As sulfur levels increase in your crude unit, so do the risk of sulfur corrosion on low chrome steels. And, as crude oil TAN levels increase, your crude unit faces an increased risk of high-temperature, naphthenic acid corrosion. Higher TAN acids can also increase corrosion rates in your desalted crude oil, diesel, gas oil, and bottoms circuits—negatively impacting your unit reliability and performance.

The SMARTGUARD program uses a combination of corrosion inhibitors, detailed unit surveys, and monitoring techniques to reduce the impacts of high-temperature corrosion on your refinery operations and margins. Our multidisciplinary program effectively manages every element in your corrosion control strategies, including:

• Equipment impact assessments to identify high-risk corrosion areas

• Mitigation strategies to optimize the proper combination of crude blending and corrosion inhibitor usage

• Monitoring program design and implementation to deliver real-time, non-intrusive corrosion measurements in high-risk areas


Targeted treatments for improved protection

Our experienced corrosion experts systematically assess your operation to gain a clear understanding of your equipment’s materials of construction and performance history, unit operating parameters, feedstock and distillate characteristics, and feedstock supply options.

One key assessment, the specific carboxylic acid number (SCAN), uses a proprietary test method to directly measure naphthenic acid content in your crude stream. The SCAN assessment predicts potential naphthenic acid corrosion more accurately than standard TAN methods, which ensures more precise delivery of corrosion inhibitor to the most susceptible areas of your unit.

With the complete risk assessment complete, we work with you to design engineering controls using processing limits, sampling and corrosion measurements, and inhibitor treatment to manage corrosion mitigation and monitoring efforts.

Corrosion treatments include our proven, low-phosphorous inhibitor formulations that reduce the potential for downstream phosphorus effects in your refinery. Our next-generation corrosion inhibitors provide the same protection at lower phosphorus concentrations, reducing the rate of catalyst activity loss in downstream reactor beds. They also do not generate hydrogen sulfide, eliminating the risk of exposure during transport and handling.


Real-time monitoring for rapid response

The SMARTGUARD high-temperature corrosion control program also includes a variety of real-time corrosion monitoring technologies. With real-time measurements, you’ll be better equipped to quickly respond to process changes and optimize your corrosion mitigation efforts.

Our real-time corrosion monitoring protocols will help you:

  • Assess the effectiveness of the implemented corrosion control measures
  • Adjust additive dosage rates, if necessary
  • Establish limits for crude blend acidity and operating conditions
  • Provide an early warning of problems or upsets

Our SMARTGUARD program has consistently helped refiners reduce feedstock costs and improve operating margins. The program can open up a broader profit opportunity for your refinery, by allowing you to process higher sulfur and TAN blends that would not have been possible before.

Contact us today to find out how our SMARTGUARD program can improve the flexibility in your feedstock selection, safely reduce your sour and acidic crude oil processing risks, and increase overall refinery profitability.


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