• Ensure core samples maintain the highest integrity
  • Fully track vibrations, shocks, and temperature changes during transport
  • Mitigate worker safety issues with safer, easier front-loading of cores

  • Coring operations in remote rigsite locations
  • Coring operations in high-risk applications

Ensure that the quality of your core samples are fully maintained from the wellsite to the lab with core preservation and transportation services from Baker Hughes. With our comprehensive services, your cores will arrive in the same condition as when they were pulled from the reservoir—ensuring highly accurate core analysis.


Preserve core integrity from start to finish

Our core preservation and transportation services are a vital part of the CoreCare™ services for wellsite core processing, storage, and transportation.

The services begin at the wellsite, after coring engineers cut, retrieve, and process the core at the rigsite. Each core is then loaded into a carefully designed transportation container that has been specifically configured for the core size.

The transportation containers are designed with a keen focus on health and safety. Foam inserts ensure that each core is fully protected during transport. In addition, the container design allows engineers to load the cores from the front in a horizontal orientation, which minimizes back safety risks by reducing the need to bend over. The container also includes roller shutters, which eliminate pinch points that were typical for earlier designs that used large, swinging doors.

Verify the conditions of your cores during transport to the lab with an optional tracking service. This service provides a time-based record of vibrations, shocks, and temperature changes experienced during transportation. You’ll receive a full report on shipment conditions, potential damage to the core, and input for future transportation optimization once the core has been safely transported to the laboratory.

Contact us today to learn how our core preservation and transportation services can help maintain the integrity of your cores and the quality of the analysis.

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