• Enhance product throughput by eliminating residence time in transfer lines
  • Reduce cargo tanker demurrage to avoid downtime and fees
  • Increase processing availability for enhanced scheduling flexibility

  • Refinery transfer lines
  • Marine vessel/railcar loading and unloading
  • Oil and gas gathering lines

Reduce bottlenecks in your short transfer lines with FLO™ NOW instant drag reduction services from Baker Hughes. Combining patented injection technology and fast-acting chemicals, our services quickly enhance product throughput to keep your operations on track.


Maximize performance with fast-acting solutions

Bottlenecks in short transfer lines present costly challenges to refinery and terminal operations, including flow decreases, demurrage charge increases, and complications to facility scheduling. FLO NOW instant drag reduction services boost product throughput in short lines—even those less than two miles in length—to increase unloading rates, improve scheduling flexibility, and avoid vessel demurrage.

FLO NOW services deliver these benefits through a patented, compact, mobile unit that quickly dissolves the drag reducing chemical and directly injects the solution into the treated petroleum product. In your transfer lines, this application method gives you added flexibility and minimal response times to rapidly eliminate constraints throughout the loading/unloading process in terminals. The drag reducer solution is compatible with any hydrocarbon fluid, which affords you maximum versatility in the terminal environment.

FLO NOW services have a proven, and growing, track record of success, allowing refineries and terminals to consistently achieve higher levels of availability.

Contact us today to learn how you can reduce bottlenecks and efficiently process additional crude with FLO NOW instant drag reduction services.



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