• Reduce biofilm growth in cooling water systems for improved heat transfer
  • Lower the risk of underdeposit corrosion for improved equipment life and reliability
  • Eliminate the potential for chlorinated organics in the wastewater discharge

  • Industrial cooling water systems

Keep your cooling water systems running at peak efficiency with BioKlenz™ biofilm control services from Baker Hughes. Our systems safely generate and deliver chlorine dioxide (ClO2) biocide to keep your water systems free of microbial film growth—at low risk and cost.  

Get targeted biocidal treatment without hazardous by-products

Hydrocarbon or ammonia contaminants entering your cooling water system from leaking heat exchangers can accelerate microbial biofilm growth. This biofilm impedes heat transfer in the water system. Some academic studies show that biofilms on the surfaces of your cooling water system can slow heat transfer even more than common mineral scales.

BioKlenz biofilm control services generate ClO2 right in your facility, and inject it at the optimal dosage to keep your system surfaces clean from biofilm growth. Unlike common oxidizing biocides like bleach and bromine, ClO2 will not oxidize hydrocarbons, which avoids creating hazardous chlorinated organics. ClO2 selectively reacts with bacteria, making it ideal for hydrocarbon processors prone to biofilm problems.

Chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness as a targeted biocide comes down to its molecular structure. ClO2 has more electrons in its outer shell than oxidants like bleach and also has a net neutral charge. As a result, ClO2 can penetrate net-negatively charged biofilms and react more effectively.

Ensure cleaner surfaces for lower risks, higher profits

Increased microbial biofilm growth increases the amount of fouling, scaling, and corrosion you can expect in your refinery or petrochemical cooling water system. By keeping your system surfaces biofilm-free, BioKlenz biofilm control services help eliminate underdeposit corrosion. Your corrosion inhibitors will be able to protect surfaces as intended, to lower your operating and equipment costs. Cleaner surfaces will also increase your heat exchange rates for increased process throughput and higher revenue.

BioKlenz biofilm control services are available as an emergency treatment deployed by our PREPARED TO RESPOND™ (P2R™) team. Trained to treat severe biofilm growth challenges, the P2R team arrives at your site to quickly mitigate the microbial impacts of hydrocarbon leaks in your cooling water system and restore heat-transfer efficiency.

For your long-term biocide needs, we also provide the BioKlenz M™ biofilm control service as a turnkey, permanent installation. This proven service can keep your cooling water systems consistently clean, so you can maximize processing rates and profits year-round.

Contact us today to learn how BIOKLENZ biofilm control services can deliver targeted chlorine dioxide biocide treatment for your cooling water systems.

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