• Precisely control cement slurries up to 22 ppg (2636 kg/m3)
  • Program multiple slurry blends with advanced control system

  • Assure successful pumping with electronic transmissions and backup diesel engines
  • Ensure a virtually dust-free environment with minimal air entrainment



Optimize your pressure pumping cementing operations with the self-contained, trailer-mounted Hawk™ cementing unit from Baker Hughes. With advanced operational and monitoring systems for precise control of job parameters, the Hawk cementing unit improves your cementing success rate while minimizing risk.


Assured cementing from a safe, full-service system

The fully integrated cementing unit incorporates all of the equipment you’ll need to successfully complete a cementing job over a wide range of performance requirements.

  • Two high-pressure pumps and two 10-bbl (1.6-m3) stainless steel displacement tank compartments reliably deliver cement slurries with a density of up to 22 ppg (2636 kg/m3) at a rate of 4 bbl/min
  • A de-aerating precision slurry mixer system contains 7-bbl (1.1-m3) mixing tank and a hydraulically driven recirculating pump to accurately maintain slurry density and consistency
  • Optional features allow operation in subzero temperatures
  • An electric start option allows trailer to be self-sufficient
  • A canopy provides protection for the cementing crew

The Hawk cementing unit also includes a number of features to minimize health and safety risks to personnel and the environment. The unit complies with all current emissions standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Work crews also benefit from the unit’s ample deck space and near dust-free mixing environment. And in the event of overpressure, an automated safety shut-down system eliminates the risk of damage to the equipment and injuries to the crew.

The Hawk cementing unit also includes a wireless LAN to give you real-time job data acquisition and faster post-job analysis. And in the event of a component failure, the unit includes backup systems for the hydraulic system, electronic system, and drive train—allowing you to successfully complete your job with minimal downtime.

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