• Efficiently remove H2S and mercaptans
  • Lower CAPEX/replacement costs by keeping systems sweet
  • Reduce corrosion risks

  • Produced fluid lines entering the gas processing system
  • Bubble towers and vent gas scrubbers
  • Injection into water, sales oil, or natural gas liquids

Ensure cost-effective, reliable hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptan control with PETROSWEET™ H2S scavenger solutions from Baker Hughes. Combining expert treatment program design with proven scavenging chemistries, our solutions keep your processing systems operating safely while protecting your personnel and the surrounding environment.


Ensure H2S removal for any treatment need

Hydrogen sulfide can be naturally present in your reservoir or generated by bacteria in your production systems. Regardless of the source, H2S and its iron sulfide (FeS) corrosion by-product can increase your operational risks through elevated toxicity, corrosion, and reservoir souring.

PETROSWEET H2S scavenger solutions react with H2S and mercaptans to remove them from your processing system and sweeten your produced gas and fluid streams. Our water-soluble, triazine-based scavengers and oil-based amine systems provide cost-effective, irreversible H2S control in your various process streams.

And to optimize your scavenging solution, work with our application experts to pinpoint the most effective treatment location for your system. Options include:

  • Inline injection directly into your produced fluid stream
  • Addition to batch towers or continuously added to flooded towers
  • Injection in batches or continuously into your water, sales oil, or natural gas liquids

Regardless of the location, you’re assured efficient treatment to protect your people and processing equipment, while achieving compliance with sulfur emission standards.

Contact us today to find the optimal PETROSWEET H2S scavenger solution for your system.

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