The Snap-Latch connector from Baker Hughes lets you run tubulars in modular sections and then connect them downhole. It also lets you deploy assemblies into a live well—saving the time and cost associated with killing the well.

Snap-Latch connectors can be combined with several isolation devices to fit almost any application you require.

The connector’s simple, robust design is adaptable to several tubular sizes and gives you wide ranging deployment flexibility. Deploy Snap-Latch connectors on coiled tubing, wireline, or slickline through the surface riser section. With this versatility, you can position separate assemblies downhole to cover a long section of your wellbore.

Once the job is done, recover the connectors from the wellbore in manageable, modular assemblies via a shear pin configuration.

Contact us today to learn how the Snap-Latch connector can optimize your tubular running operations.


  • Deploy assemblies into a live well environment
  • Get versatile deployment options for improved efficiency and cost savings
  • Adapt to various tubular sizes
  • Easily retrieve from a live well environment

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