• Increase total fracture network by creating and maintaining fractures above lateral wellbore
  • Reduce BOE and operational costs, while increasing reservoir recovery rate
  • Reduce multistage stimulation and HSE footprint

  • Conventional reservoirs
  • Unconventional plays

Take advantage of the full potential of your fracture network with the Ascent™ high-side fracturing service from Baker Hughes.

Through its advanced modeling, specialized pumping techniques, and ultra-lightweight proppant technologies, the Ascent service creates and maintains open fractures on the high side of the lateral wellbore.

Maximize the potential of your fracture network

Conventional sands and low-viscosity fracturing fluids tend to occupy the fractures below the horizontal lateral, often creating “dunes” in the lower portion of the well. Any of the sand that may have reached the upper fractures settles below the horizontal wellbore before the fracture closes, preventing you from utilizing your full fracture network and resulting in lost production and revenue.

With the Ascent service you’ll get effective fracture opening and clear flow paths throughout the wellbore—including above the lateral—which is not often possible with conventional fluid treatments.

Instead of increasing your fracture network by pumping more frac fluids into the area, Ascent’s ultra-lightweight proppant utilizes the high side of your already created network (above the depth of the horizontal lateral). You’ll see improved reservoir recovery rates and reduced operational and BOE costs.


Produce more from your reservoir

The Ascent service’s efficient proppant distribution across your fracture network provides a unique approach to creating and maintaining fractures.

Strong, ultra-lightweight proppant technology generates highly conductive fractures, delivers optimized placed stages, and ultimately improves reservoir recovery rates.

The improved fluid and proppant efficiency also reduce multistage stimulation times, minimize operational costs, and reduce HSE risks.

Contact us today to learn how the Ascent high-side fracturing service can help optimize your well stimulation operations.

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