• Increase milling penetration rates with superior design and carbide metallurgies
  • Reduce milling time associated with exotic materials
  • Save operating costs and reduce milling trips

  • Deepwater wells
  • Unconventional oil and gas
  • Plug and abandonment applications

Minimize the time and costs of your completion milling operations with Baker Hughes.

Milling solutions like our METAL MUNCHERTM advanced milling technology (AMT) incorporate advanced cutting structures that offer enhanced wear rate, impact resistance, and cutting edges—all of which help shorten your milling time. These structures address the more exotic and abrasive materials commonly encountered in today’s milling and fishing operations, maximizing performance in a wider range of applications and in less time.

The greater durability and maximized cutter life of our milling blades ensure fewer trips downhole to complete your operations while eliminating the need for redundant equipment. The more durable metallurgy in the cutting structures also results in longer trips and less nonproductive time, delivering further cost savings to your operation.

The AMT portfolio is ideal for cutting casings for plug and abandonments, pipe that’s stuck with scale, re-entry portions, dressing off hard-banding, and even titanium logging tools. And thanks to the improved penetration rates and durability of the cutter metallurgy, you’re assured that the size and shape of the debris size is carefully controlled and minimized—thus reducing the impact on your completions and production equipment.

Contact us to learn how our completion milling solutions can minimize your intervention time and costs.

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