• Place wells back on production immediately after screen installation
  • Eliminate the cost of kill-weight fluids
  • Reduce formation damage and production losses common with well-kill operations

  • Remedial sand screen deployment
  • Onshore and offshore environments
  • Completions with failed sand screens



Run sand screens without having to kill your well with the SnapScreen™ advanced live-well deployment system from Baker Hughes. Combining specially designed screen connectors, a running tool, a surface stack, and a standard blowout preventer (BOP), the SnapScreen system affords live-well screen installs—saving you time and money.


Ensure reliable operation with proven technology

SnapScreen connectors are adapted from the proven SnapShot™ live-well perforating system, which reliably connects and runs perforating guns in live wells.

The SnapScreen’s specially designed connectors join lengths of production pipe and sand control screens together at the surface using a J-style latch that requires no twisting or manipulation of the string. You can then run your screens through industry standard BOPs dressed with special inserts that maintain wellbore pressure.

Pipe rams in the lower BOP cavity act as a no-go to control locating, perform pull tests, and hang screens off between connections. Easily latch and unlatch the system during deployment and retrieval by disconnecting the pipe rams in the upper cavity.


Get flexible deployments in a robust design

Deploy the SnapScreen system with coiled tubing and snubbing units, ensuring that you can run a nearly unlimited number of screens without killing the well.

The system is ideal for increasing recovery in your sand producing wells with marginal bottomhole pressures. You can also confidently run the system in formations that are sensitive to overbalanced conditions.

Unlike other live-well deployment connection methods, the SnapScreen system doesn’t rely on string rotation, splines, or unnecessarily complicated latch types.

The result? A robust deployment system that is predictable, immune to debris, and suited to both free-standing and standard rig environments.

Contact us today to learn how the SnapScreen advanced live-well deployment system can help you reliably install a sand control solution without killing your well.

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