• Maximize proppant pack conductivity and formation permeability with polymer-free formulation
  • Reduce freshwater usage and simplify water management
  • Improve proppant transport through surface equipment with rapid viscosity development

  • Hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Carrier fluid for Liquid LiteProp™ system
  • Foamed fracturing treatments with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or binary systems



Improve the productivity of your hydraulic fracturing operations with AquaStar™ fracturing fluid systems from Baker Hughes.


Ensure effective fracturing performance without polymers

This family of polymer-free, surfactant-gelled, water-based fracturing fluid systems provide the viscosity required for effective proppant transport—with minimal risk of damage to your formation and proppant pack. And thanks to their content and ease of recycling, AquaStar fluids are environmentally favorable with a minimal impact on fresh water sources.

Applicable up to 275°F (135°C) when foamed, AquaStar fluids develop full viscosity rapidly and are shear-stable, with no degradation by high pump rates or perforation shear.

AquaStar fluids simplify your operations by eliminating the need for additives such as flowback surfactants and friction reducers. The fluids break with temperature or in contact with oil, condensates, or water, thus eliminating the need for breakers in many instances.  

In some cases, AquaStar fluid returns from operations in dry gas wells can be recycled as a base fluid for subsequent applications.

Contact us to learn how AquaStar fracturing fluids can boost the productivity of your hydraulically fractured formations.

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