• Reduce setup time
  • Maneuver easily in difficult wells
  • Eliminate the need for extra equipment

  • High-angle and horizontal wells
  • Wells with stuck or partially stuck pipe, tubing, or casing



Locate precisely where your drill pipe, tubing, or casing is stuck or partially stuck with the Free Point Indicator (FPI) from Baker Hughes.

An electro-mechanical assembly, the FPI is designed to pinpoint stuck pipe locations by accurately measuring torque or stretch in harsh conditions.


Find stuck points with flexible, efficient deployment solutions

The FPI assembly comprises a non-grounded collar locator, upper motorized anchor, sensor section, and lower motorized anchor to determine the stuck point. A classic assembly also includes sinker bars to overcome the holding ability of the pre-set anchors and a slack joint to relieve weight above the tool assembly when at the correct measurement depth.

Gain greater deployment flexibility by configuring the FPI with bow springs or magnets instead of motorized anchors. Bow springs, used when the inner diameter of the pipe is too large for the motorized arms, have carbide-coated outer springs that grip the pipe to aid anchoring. If the inner diameter is too large for both bow springs and motorized anchors, magnetic anchors can be used.

The FPI’s four-arm system, shorter setup time, simple maintenance, and lower friction or drag all make maneuvering into your high-angle and horizontal wells easier and faster. It also uses a controllable anchoring force downhole and a shorter tool string to aid deployment and setting.

The FPI can easily pass over restrictions with no need for extra force, and shear pins enable retrieval if communication to the tool is lost. The FPI system is available with crossovers to several service company connections, further improving your deployment flexibility.

Contact us to learn how the Free Point Indicator can help you more accurately locate stuck pipe, tubing, or casing in your horizontal wells.

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