Fracturing fluids from Baker Hughes give you wide ranging solutions to optimize hydraulic fracturing treatments and increase your fracture network coverage in even the most challenging formations. Select from effective fluid solutions—comprising advanced surfactant, polymeric, and borate-crosslinked chemistries—that are tailored to your formation to maximize your well productivity and improve your fracturing economics. 

Spectra Frac™ G fracturing fluids are high-performance guar polymer, borate-crosslinked systems ideal for your conventional fracturing operations in high-shear environments or underpressured formations energized or foamed with nitrogen. Easily prepared on site and incorporating an internal breaker to minimize formation damage, Spectra Frac G fluids help maximize fracture conductivity in applications up to 300°F (149°C).

Medallion Frac™ fracturing fluids provide high fluid efficiency, which translates to minimal polymer loadings and lower surface horsepower requirements, in acid fracturing operations and pH-sensitive formations. For effective fracturing performance in well applications up to 400°F (204°C), get assured fracturing performance with our Medallion Frac™ HT fracturing fluid system.

SpectraStar™ fracturing fluids offer superior shear recovery at extreme pump rates, providing effective proppant transport while breaking cleanly and completely for maximum regain conductivity. The fluid’s high apparent viscosity improves proppant transport and can be formulated for crosslink times from 15 seconds to three minutes to minimize hydraulic horsepower.

Lightning™ fracturing fluids provide the fracturing performance of conventional systems, with substantially reduced polymer loadings. A member of the SmartCare family of environmentally conscious products, Lightning fluids help you achieve your technical performance and environmental priorities.

PrimeStar™ fracturing fluids give you effective fracturing performance and reduced hydraulic horsepower needs in your deepwater and HP/HT environments. Comprising a borate-crosslinked guar fluid in a sodium bromide-based brine, PrimeStar fluids are ideal for applications where high surface treating pressures would be required for conventional water-based fluids.

Viking™ fracturing fluid systems are economical, high-pH fluid systems that help maximize fracture widths for placing high proppant concentrations, coarser proppants, or both.

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