Every well eventually goes from profitable producer to economic liability. You’re then faced with plug and abandonment (P&A) and well decommissioning.

Baker Hughes delivers the most integrated P&A services for economic and reliable well decommissioning. Regardless of your need, you get safe, reliable, and cost-effective P&A solutions for every point along the asset, from the surface to the subsurface.

Seamless service and execution

A fully integrated approach combines proven P&A technologies, seamless job planning, and execution expertise to help you transform the burden of P&A into a smooth and efficient final step in your well’s lifecycle.

Reliably and cost-effectively address any need during your P&A process:

Assure well control. Safely secure your well and assess downhole conditions.

Accurately evaluate well integrity. Confirm cement and casing conditions prior to abandonment.

Efficiently remove your completion. Cut, pull, and remove tubing and casing from your well with fewer trips and minimal risk.

Install barriers with certainty. Install and confirm the placement of mechanical and cement barriers in your well.

Effectively remove wellheads and conductors. Safely and efficiently remove conductors and subsea wellheads.

Optimize through collaboration. Work with Baker Hughes decommissioning experts to simplify and streamline your overall well abandonment process.

Let’s work together to design the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective plug and abandonment solution for you.

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