The Certia™ pipe recovery log locates the stuck point in your pipe, at high speed and with lower risk.




  • Superior operational efficiency
  • Simplified conveyance with reduced HSE risk
  • Integrated datasets from a single run for smarter decisions

  • Drilling pipe recovery operations
  • Well interventions
  • Plug and abandonment operations (P&A)



An unplanned pipe recovery requirement adds time and complexity to drilling or well intervention operations. When your pipe becomes stuck, you need to discover its location as efficiently and safely as possible.

The Certia™ pipe recovery log (PRL) from Baker Hughes locates the stuck point in your pipe, at high speed and with lower risk. In just a single wireline run, it  provides a detailed pipe recovery log that clearly and accurately shows you where your pipe is stuck downhole.


Optimize operational efficiency

Certia  delivers superior operational efficiency that minimizes pipe manipulation and logging time. The tool is also enabled for remote support, with experienced subject matter experts available 24/7, to facilitate real-time collaboration anywhere in the world. As a result, you’ll make faster and smarter decisions to free stuck pipe quickly and cost effectively.


Reduce HSE risks with simplified conveyance

The tool’s design affords simple, safe, and flexible conveyance options, including tool setup and deployment. To save you even more time on pipe recovery, the Certia PRL can be mobilized quickly to your wellsite via helicopter, minimizing any unplanned nonproductive time (NPT).


Integrate datasets for smarter decisions

Combine the Certia PRL with a wide range of downhole sensors, including gamma-ray (GR), cement bond log (CBL), multifinger imaging tool (MIT) and pressure and temperature (P&T) measurements. The resulting integrated datasets provide insights on the formation, tubulars, and cement in the well--enabling a more complete assessment of the downhole situation and any additional factors that contribute to the stuck pipe interval.

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