At every stage of your well lifecycle, reducing the time and costs of interventions and remediation jobs is essential. Intervention and remediation services from Baker Hughes provide expert consulting and a full portfolio of technologies to minimize your downtime and get your operation back on track.


Full suite solutions for any challenge

From drilling to well abandonment, we’ve got intervention and remediation solutions that can be executed efficiently to address your intervention need.

  • Get your drilling operation back online with fast, reliable stuck pipe location systems, fishing tools, and sidetracking operations
  • Ensure a seamless completion job with wellbore cleaning systems
  • Maximize your reservoir recovery and keep production flowing with customized conventional or through-tubing remediation and stimulation services
  • Plug and abandon your wells with confidence, with our comprehensive cutting, plugging, and abandonment services

Our intervention and remediation services provide several advantages to your overall well operability.

  • Operate more efficiently. Use our tools to shorten your remediation jobs with reduced risk and non-productive time (NPT)
  • Stay ahead of production problems. Deploy our services to solve unexpected problems with greater ease and extend your well’s productive life
  • Make more informed decisions. Rely on our intervention experts and downhole measurements to access critical data that you can use to boost your return on investment while reducing operating costs

Let’s work together to develop the right intervention and remediation strategy for your wells.

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Intervention and remediation services