Gain greater flexibility and reliability in your production enhancement designs with multistring production packers from Baker Hughes. Our portfolio of feedthrough and dual-string packers ensure robust annular sealing for your application, while allowing you to power and control equipment lower in the wellbore.


Secure sealing for an optimized completion

As your wells become deeper, deviated, and more complex, you need production packers that keep up with these demands. Baker Hughes multistring production packers are designed to address the challenges of maintaining effective zonal isolation in wells equipped with electrical submersible pumps (ESPs), chemical injection, and intelligent monitoring.

Our packer solutions include the GT™ dual string retrievable packer, a compact, high-performance, dual string packer that provides effective multizonal isolation in both production and injection applications—particularly in high-pressure gas wells.

And for your ESP applications, our Octopus™ multistring hydraulic retrievable packer and ElecPak™ ESP hydraulic retrievable pump packer provide electrical cable and control line feedthrough for ESPs installed beneath the packer.

Regardless of your application need, our production packers share common design features for assured reliability and performance:

  • Standard hydraulic setting, with control line setting available for selective sizes
  • Flexible design to work with chemical injection lines, gauges, gas vent valves, and a variety of pumps and penetrators
  • Simple pull-to-release action for retrievable packers
  • Assured anchoring with rugged slip technology and elastomers that provide an API 11D1-qualified seal

Let’s work together to find the optimal multistring production packer solution for your specific well needs.

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