• Get an assured seal rated to ISO 14310 V0 that conforms to irregular casing profiles
  • Reduce potential leak paths with single-setting piston mechanism
Other Benefits

  • Eliminate cable strain with no body movement during setting



Ensure reliable electrical feedthrough to electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems below the packer with Premium ElecPak™ V0-rated retrievable ESP packers from Baker Hughes.

A single-string, hydraulic-set packer, the Premium ElecPak is designed with twin electrical cable bypass and two control line feedthroughs through its main body.

You can easily set the packer with tubing pressure against a plug below it. A field-proven, three-piece pack-off system with integral metal backup provides an ISO 14310 V0-rated seal and conforms to irregular casing profiles. The easy setting procedure eliminates body movement during setting and can be repeated for multiple packer completions.

The packer reliably holds pressure from both above and below, while avoiding leak paths with its single-setting piston mechanism. And when you are ready, remove the packer, quickly and easily, by cut-to release.

Contact us to learn how the Premium ElecPak retrievable ESP packer can give you a reliable seal without impacting your ESP operations.

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