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  • Handle easily at surface and negotiate tight hole sections
  • Ensure a reliable, gas-tight seal by trapping energized pressure loads
  • Avoid elastomer extrusion at high T and P with a “zero gap” back-up system

  • Production and injection applications
  • High-pressure gas production wells
  • Tandem and ESP packer hookups



The GT™ dual string retrievable production packer from Baker Hughes is a high-performance, dual-string hydraulic set packer that is ideal for both your production and injection applications.

The packer is extremely compact and easy to handle at the rig. Because both packer mandrels are one piece and free to rotate, you’re assured easy makeup or break-out of the tubing strings.


Ensure a reliable seal with less time and risk

Both strings are mechanically locked together while running in hole, which ensures that any load transmitted between the strings does not load the shear-release mechanism. The GT packer’s preset interlock feature transfers any loads encountered during run-in to both mandrels, thus preventing preset while running.

The packer is hydraulically set by applying differential pressure to the ported mandrel. No mandrel movement is required during the setting sequence, which makes the GT packer ideal for tandem and ESP packer hookups.

The packer can be easily shear released for retrieval by applying tension on either the short string or the long string, or both strings simultaneously. If required, the packer can be milled out using a specially designed METAL MUNCHER™ mill that has been optimized to minimize mill-up time.

The GT packer can be run as an upper packer where the bottom packer is a single-bore packer, or as the upper or intermediate packer in tandem or selective-tandem dual completions. The packer’s simple and reliable design incorporates a versatile packing element system that is ideally suited for your high-pressure gas wells.

Contact us to learn how the GT dual string retrievable packer can optimize your production and injection operations.

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