• Part recommendations according to the specific customer need
  • Guarantee that the component is state of the art
  • Full troubleshooting capability from OEM engineering

  • Unique interface for warranty
  • Best-in-class packaging and preservation
  • Interchangeability guarantee in case updated component is proposed

  • For all Baker Hughes and heritage-brand equipment of any age
  • Worldwide delivery by air or sea




Using genuine spare parts enables customers to access a comprehensive range of Baker Hughes services that are vital to maintaining the highest level of the machine performance.

As your original equipment manufacturer (OEM), only Baker Hughes can supply and properly service spare parts for all the units in your fleet, no matter when each machine was installed.

Our worldwide experience drives a cyclic technical refresh to always provide the best component with the proper interchangeability analysis or modification instructions.

Drawing on extensive global fleet experience, our engineers can suggest a prioritized list of parts for replacement based on each unit's running conditions, and can perform full engineering troubleshooting. We ensure timely spare-part availability with large regional inventories, and worldwide delivery by air or sea.

We also provide proper packaging and storage instructions, taking into account your long-term geographical needs—and excellent warranties for all our spare parts installed on each unit.


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