We offer a complete line of solids-free fluids designed to help you effectively complete your well and initiate an economically viable production flow. We engineer and test our completion fluids to certify that they meet all of your reservoir specifications in order to maximize your completion efforts.

Our completion fluids are designed to ensure a smooth transition between the reservoir drilling and the completion phase. We feature clear brine fluids, filtration units, viscosifiers, filtration control agents, scavengers, and surfactants. Each serves a special purpose in providing the best possible wellbore scenario for your completion.

Partial-to-severe fluid loss rates may prompt the use of cross-linked plugging agent that creates deformable masses as large as will fit into the drillpipe. Our TekPlug™ fluid loss control system forms a solids-free barrier to flow at or near the sand face. The TekPlug system has been used to effectively control losses across formations with permeability as high as 10 darcies. The unique cross-linking mechanism is reversible with a mild acid rinse. The ease of breaking and the fact that formation penetration is minimal, allow for full recovery of fluid flow from a producing horizon. TheTekPlug system is available in two standard formulations: TekPlug XL has a bulk gel density of 11.0 ppg and is is suitable for use in brines from 8.5 to 12.0 ppg.  The high-density TekPlug XL HD has a bulk gel density of 13.5 ppg and is suitable for use in brines from 12.0 to 18.5 ppg. 

Our Super InsulGel™ insulating packer fluid is an advanced non-crosslinked, polymeric water-based packer fluid that reduces the uncontrolled heat loss from production tubing to successive annuli in a producing well. Formulated to achieve a minimum thermal conductivity, the Super InsulGel fluid also slows the development of convective heat flow along the vertical dimension of the well. This is particularly important when unplanned interruptions in oil production cause temperatures to fall back to natural background levels. Super InsuGel has been shown to retain fluid properties beyond 60 days, and in some applications fluid integrity was intact after several years.

For reservoirs drilled with synthetic- or oil-based fluids that require both sand exclusion and long-term shale control, we have developed the GeoPACK™ multifunctional gravel pack carrier fluid to maximize alpha/beta pack operations. The GeoPACK fluid is a synthetic- or oil-based gravel pack carrier fluid that is designed to carry gravel using conventional pumping techniques and less-expensive completion screens. The fluid is capable of carrying gravel much like a conventional brine carrier fluid in order to maintain the stability of massive shale intervals that would otherwise destabilize and prevent a complete toe-to-heal pack.

Every product and service is designed to lower costs, reduce risk or improve productivity during activities directly related to hydrocarbon extraction, advancing reservoir performance.

To learn how our specialty fluid applications can improve your completion efficiency and increase production, contact your Baker Hughes representative today.

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