• Ensure high-performance sealing to ISO 14310 requirements
  • Eliminate body movement during setting
  • Ensure one-trip completion setting without rotation or reciprocation

  • Liner-top and tandem completions
  • Stung-in, set-down, or flanged-up applications
  • Downhole monitoring or intelligent completions thanks to optional feed-through capability



Ensure a reliable annular seal in your high-pressure wells with the Granite™ hydraulic-set retainer production packer from Baker Hughes.

The Granite packer is proven in ISO 14310 testing to deliver a high-performance seal, with zero gas-bubble leakage.


Ensure efficient setting and a long-term seal

Confidently set the packer by applying only tubing pressure—without having to rely on the hydraulic stretch or boost of tubing or mandrel movement to ensure that the packing element and slip system are sufficiently energized. The Granite packer can therefore be used in applications where packer body travel due to tubing expansion is not possible or desirable.

The packer’s tightly controlled initiation pressure and setting sequence, with no downward mandrel movement required, allows multiple packers to be set in tandem applications. This sequence also make the Granite packer well suited for liner top applications where the tubing boost cannot be utilized to pack off the element.

The packer includes several other design features to ensure a robust seal:

  • Two opposed sets of full-circle, full-strength slips ensure that your packer will stay where it is set
  • Expandable metal backup rings contact the casing and create a positive barrier to packing element extrusion
  • All alloy materials within the packer are suitable for H2S service
  • All O-rings that separate casing and annulus pressure are supported by backup rings to improve long-term seal integrity and are customizable to your particular production environment

Once the Granite packer has reached its useful run life in your well, simply mill it out—efficiently and cost-effectively—with the CJ™ packing milling tool

Contact us to learn how the Granite hydraulic-set retainer production packer can optimize your multiple-packer completions.

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