• Maintains maximum packer-to-tubing tension ratings
  • Runs in and sets on electric line or drillpipe in a single run
  • Minimizes tubing manipulation during disengagement

  • High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells
  • Deviated wells



Improve the efficiency and economics of your workovers with the DV™ retainer production packer from Baker Hughes.  By combining the advantages of the proven D™ permanent packer with the flexibility of the L-10™/R-10™ on-off sealing connector, the DV packer isolates your well’s lower zones to improve intervention and stimulation operations.


Get assured zonal isolation in wide-ranging applications

The DV packer’s NACE metallurgy and non-elastomeric seal stacks ensure a packer system that can stand up to virtually all well conditions, even the harshest HP/HT applications.

Run and set the DV packer on either E-Line, using the Baker Hughes E4™ setting tool, or a workstring, using the J hydraulic-setting tool—all in a single run. Running the DV packer with the L-10 on/off connector alleviates common problems associated with using blanking plugs in the tailpipe of packers.

By installing a blanking plug in the L-10 seal nipple profile, the DV production packer is converted into a temporary bridge plug. This configuration lets you reliably isolate a lower zone, thus enabling you to remove the tubing string or perforate and stimulate an upper zone.

The location of the setting nipple also prevents the packer tailpipe from being fouled by gun debris, stimulation settlings, or fill from upper zones. As a result, debris removal from the locks is improved, thus enhancing the reliability of plug retrieval.

Contact us to learn how the DV retainer production packer can optimize your well intervention economics.

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