Wireline-set sealbore packers from Baker Hughes deliver reliability and versatility for your permanent production packer needs.

Our wireline-set packers have a proven track record of assured isolation in wide-ranging applications.

  • The high-performing Signature™ series production packers, which include the D™ and F™ series packers, include swab off-resistant packing elements, a slimline design for faster running times, and a robust seal for permanent test packer or bridge plug applications.
  • The DV™ packer combines the advantages of the D permanent packer with the flexibility of the L-10™/R-10™ on-off sealing connector to isolate your lower zone ahead of tubing-retrieval operations—in virtually all well conditions.
  • The FB-3™ high-pressure retainer production packer delivers a reliable seal to withstand the extreme hydrostatic-annulus pressures you typically encounter during deep well tests.

Once the packers are set in your well, the wireline tools are easily sheared off and retrieved from the hole—allowing you to resume operations quickly and with minimal downtime. Each wireline-set packer body is also designed for ease of milling, should the packer ever need to be removed.

Contact us to learn how our wireline-set sealbore packers can give you a reliable, robust permanent seal for your completions.

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Wireline-set sealbore packers