Baker Hughes has many types of remedial equipment that enhance the performance and capabilities of Baker Hughe's other products. These include tools for casing cleanup, rod pumping, cementing manifolds, swivels, and locators. They work together with other equipment to extend the life of your well and improve well productivity.

B-2 and B-3 tubing anchor catchers

Our Model B-2™ and Model B-3™ tubing anchor catchers anchor the tubing string in a rod pumping well and catch the tubing should it part. They are simultaneously set in anchoring and catching positions at all times. When set with proper tension, they overcome both breathing and buckling of the tubing string.

The Model B-2 and Model B-3 tubing anchor catchers effectively reduce rod, tubing, and casing wear. This cuts operating costs. Elimination of breathing and buckling of the tubing string also increases production by lengthening the effective stroke of the pump, which increases volumetric efficiency. These tubing anchor catchers are the most economical and effective insurance you can buy to prevent premature repairs and downtime.

Pump-type tubing bailer

The pump-type tubing bailer allows sand and debris to be removed from the wellbore of low-fluid-level wells. It functions in wells with as little as a few hundred feet of fluid. The tool replaces hydrostatic bailers that require several thousand feet of fluid for operation. Drilling operations can be performed with the pump-type tubing bailer to remove cement crust or to drill out cast iron bridge plugs and cement retainers in low-fluid-level wells.

A-2 sand-line drill

Our Model A-2™ sand-line drill provides a simple means of drilling out packers, cement, and other drillable materials, often in less than one hour. It's used for drilling in open-hole completions and removing sand, gravel, and junk, or other debris from the wellbore.

Converting the Model A-2 sand-line drill to a sand pump is as simple as changing the shoes. A connection for a cable-tool drilling line, service machine, or the sand line of a rotary rig eliminates expensive surface equipment. Cuttings are picked up for maximum drilling efficiency. The full-chisel shoe is for soft items like cement and sand bridges; the 60% chisel shoe is for harder objects such as cast iron bridge plugs and packers.

Multi-valve cementing manifolds

Our multi-valve cementing manifolds provide complete control of fluid flow and tubing, drillpipe, and casing pressures during cement squeeze operations. The manifolds can also be used for many other pressure pumping operations. A complete selection of cementing manifolds is available.

Pressure relief sub for pumping wells

Our pressure relief sub for pumping wells provides a means of draining tubing fluid when a pump standing valve, the pump itself, or the rods cannot be retrieved prior to pulling the tubing. Draining the tubing is accomplished by pressuring the tubing to shift the sleeve and open the drain ports. Mechanical manipulations of the tubing string are not required to open the pressure relief sub.

Draining the tubing fluid reduces the required tubing strength by the amount of the fluid load in the tubing. This is helpful when the sub is used with a tubing anchor catcher and it becomes necessary to shear the shear-pins to release the tubing. Also, effective fluid cutting damage to the sub cannot occur during draining because the sleeve completely uncovers the drain ports in the body.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to find out more specific information regarding our remedial equipment and accessories.

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