Maximize the long-term production potential of your geothermal wells with the proven suite of Production Enhancement services from Baker Hughes.

For more than 20 years, our expertise and vast array of high-pressure/high-temperature oil and gas technologies have helped geothermal producers remove scale, extend zonal coverage, and stimulate more of their reservoirs. As new wells are drilled into deeper, hotter, and more geologically complex formations, Baker Hughes continues to develop safe, innovative, and efficient solutions specific to geothermal production needs.

From the surface to the reservoir, our solutions help optimize geothermal well production by:

  • Removing near-wellbore damage with cost-effective, low-volume acidizing systems
  • Dissolving scale at high temperatures, without raising costs or corrosion risks, with in-situ acid generation solutions
  • Providing greater zonal coverage, and improving communication between the injector and producer, with nano-particle diverter technology
  • Minimizing HSE risks and carbon footprint with stimulation fluids that are safe to handle, store, and inject

Whether you’re looking to optimize new geothermal well construction or revive production from a mature well, you can count on Baker Hughes. Contact us to find the right mix of production-enhancing solutions for your geothermal project.  

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Production enhancement services for geothermal