• On-demand access
  • Expert OEM knowledge
  • Highly cost-effective

  • Engaging, interactive technologies
  • Experienced instructors
  • Customization options

  • Equipment
  • Operations
  • Processes

Featured Video

Featured Video

Baker Hughes eTraining Solutions—remote digital learning experience



Baker Hughes customer training programs are designed to enhance industry knowledge among energy professionals, and meet their technical performance and career development needs. We create the ideal combination of theoretical, practical, and digital learning approaches to build skills and capabilities for the future.



These on-demand learning solutions use animations, 3D models, and videos to provide an overview of equipment components, operation, maintenance, and processes. Engaging interactive assessments evaluate the knowledge acquired during the experience. The curriculum is an ideal, cost-effective tool for employee induction, and a great vehicle for frequent knowledge refreshers.

Remote Training e-training


Distance learning

For more technical depth about equipment, digital solutions, control systems, cybersecurity, and many other subjects, we use a mix of new training methodologies for fast, flexible execution. Courses can be delivered in teleconference or e-classroom, and can be customized to unique user needs. Lessons are delivered by experienced instructors, and knowledge is assessed with formal testing and reporting.


Remote Training Distance Learning


Virtual reality training

These fully interactive and immersive scenarios expand trainee capabilities and enhance the learning curve through the irreplaceable approach of learning by doing. Our platform includes behavior-tracking systems to improve trainee development.


Remote Training Virtual Reality


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