Coiled tubing (CT) is indispensable to many wellsite operations. The greatest value is much more than conveyance — it’s the performance achieved at the end of the pipe.


CT solutions from Baker Hughes are the result of nearly 30 years of experience, a dedicated research and development facility, and a global laboratory network that’s focused on understanding the reservoir first.


On the surface and downhole, we offer practical solutions for well cleanouts, stimulation, and many other specialized applications. Our CT deployment teams help you achieve significant operational and economic performance advantages.

In addition, our Tubing Research and Engineering Center improves and extends CT applications, drawing upon a practical blend of research and field experience.

Greater experience provides unrivaled performance

Through the continuous efforts of our research engineering team, wellbore intervention using CT is continuously safer and more predictable, efficient, and effective.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative today to find out more information about our CT systems and services.

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Coiled tubing systems and services

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