Save time and money while maximizing access 

Multilateral systems from Baker Hughes minimize your environmental footprint by reducing the number of surface penetrations required to maximize reservoir contact and production. You can achieve production goals when offshore slot availability is limited. Compared with multiple single wellbores, multilateral systems save time and reduce CAPEX while achieving the same reservoir contact. 

Address extended-reach and unconventional gas requirements with the industry’s most diverse multilateral tools portfolio. The wide array of multilateral junctions, completion tools, and accessory equipment can satisfy all of your production and operational needs. We offer systems that meet all Technology Advancement for Multilateral (TAML)-level standards. 

Our multilateral products can be used to rotate down the liner or screens while landing the junction for a simple and reliable solution for difficult extended-reach reservoirs. The systems are compatible with multistage fracturing systems in unconventional reservoirs to reduce stimulation costs. 

Cost-effectively minimize surface requirements with a wide range of completion options that allow positive reentry access in dual or stacked lateral applications. In multizone completions with different bottomhole pressures, our multilaterals create a pressure-tight junction that saves time and money while maximizing through-bore access. 

Contact your Baker Hughes representative for more information on multilateral systems and minimizing your footprint.

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Multilateral systems

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