Pipelines are the conduit of the oil and gas industry. You need pipeline management solutions that ensure environmental compliance and efficient operations at minimal costs. Baker Hughes delivers a wide range of customizable, high-performance control valves, regulators, and digital tools that address your most pressing pipeline processing needs.

Sustainable, high-efficiency solutions:
Optimize capacity

Safely maximize the capacity and efficiency of your natural gas pipeline system with control valves suited for a wide operating range, including high-pressure, sour-gas environments. 

Monitor and manage pressures

Accurately track your pipeline pressure and flow with positioners that electronically communicate real-time systems conditions.

Maintain downstream pressures

Reliably measure and maintain your downstream pressure with regulators that ensure ZERO steady-state emissions and bleeds. 

Safely control flow

Prevent pressure imbalances and flow surges with our anti-surge valves. 

Ensure valve operability

Monitor the configuration, calibration, and operating efficiency of your valves in real time with our advanced software tools.  

Keep the noise down

Reduce your overall pipeline noise levels in residential areas with our proven, noise-reduction trim technology. 

Let’s work together to develop a reliable, robust management strategy that keeps your pipelines operating at peak production, safety, and reliability.

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