Well intervention operations are getting more complicated. In today’s environment, any error has a severe negative impact on your bottom line. Smart intervention services from Baker Hughes can improve the economics of well intervention and optimize production through real-time data analytics and downhole insights. Our next generation intervention systems deliver data and insights that make operations more efficient and effective.

We offer live downhole sensing and bidirectional communication between the bottom hole assembly (BHA) and the surface so you can optimize operations, in real time, at the rig. Coupled with our cloud-based services, we partner with you to provide remote monitoring and real-time operational advice.

Smart intervention allows you to eliminate redundant personnel and equipment costs. Our technologies span deployment methods — from drillpipe, to coiled tubing, to wireline — so you can take on those precise intervention jobs with confidence.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative to find out how we can help you reduce intervention downtime and get your well back on production quicker.

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Smart intervention

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