Asset integrity management is critical to extending the service life of your producing assets, safely and sustainably. Baker Hughes delivers comprehensive programs—from corrosion mitigation to bacteria management to H2S control—to manage any integrity challenge at any time.

Whether you’re fracture stimulating new wells, optimizing production operations, or decommissioning a field, we offer complete solutions for all aspects of asset integrity.

Corrosion mitigation

Reduce the risks of equipment failure, leaks, and spills with comprehensive corrosion control solutions that combine innovative treatment chemistries, application expertise, and continuous monitoring.

Bacteria management

Control microbial-influenced corrosion (MIC) and mitigate operational risk with advanced microbe screening, customized biocide solutions, and state-of-the-art monitoring services.

H2S control

Mitigate sulfide-related operating risks and reduce threats to workers and equipment with cost-effective, customized H2S scavenger and sulfide control solutions.

Let’s work together to develop an integrity management program that will keep your assets running reliably and producing profitably for years to come.

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Asset integrity management

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