Accelerating the hydrogen revolution


Decades of investment in hydrogen technology

We built our first hydrogen compressor in 1962, and in 2008,  we built the first turbine in the world to run on 100% hydrogen for the Fusina Hydrogen Power Project in Italy.

woman in PPE inspecting a hydrogen turbine

Proven and available today – up to 100% hydrogen turbine

Our gas turbine technology is commercially available today for applications with various levels of blended fuel gas from 10% and up to 100%. Our technology can be integrated and adapted to work with existing gas infrastructure, making it easier to deploy.

LM9000 Gas Turbine

Expanding our compression leadership to hydrogen technology

We are established leaders in compression technology and our High Pressure Ratio Compressors (HPRC) provide significant improvements in overall green H2 plant footprint, reliability, availability and weight.


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BH turbine bar graph portfolio for Hydrogen
Baker Hughes' hydrogen turbine portfolio


Turboexoander compressor 60x60
Turboexpander compressors

With proven cryogenic approaching -270oC and best-in-class efficiency, our turboexpanders cover the most demanding services in the hydrogen value chain - at the core of liquefaction cycles, and optimizing carbon footprint with energy-recovery solutions.