The Baker Hughes suite of well integrity services offers you the right answers for early detection of faults or defects in your downhole systems and components. Our extensive range of instruments and recommendations enables you to decide if remedial work is required and, if so, to minimize interruptions in production. 

Cement evaluation: zonal isolation 

Our cement evaluation tools ensure hydraulic isolation between reservoir layers by measuring the bond between the casing and the cement pumped in the wellbore annulus. Before final well completions are made, the zones being completed must be analyzed for hydraulic isolation to prevent possible crossflow between reservoir zones behind the casing. Cement evaluation logs offer results to confirm zonal isolation and help you decide whether remedial work is required before any completions are attempted. 

For your jobs that require 0.7- to 1-in. (17.78- to 25.4-mm) casing in high-stress environments, the Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) offers you the industry-exclusive ability to accurately measure your cement bond and present this on an easy-to-read 360-degree cement map. 

Other Baker Hughes cement evaluation services are as follows: 

  • Radial Analysis Bond Log (RAL™) 
  • Cement Bond Log (CBL™) 
  • Casing inspection: measuring corrosion and mechanical wear 

Pipe-string failure caused by corrosion or mechanical defects can occur at any time in the life of a well. To protect your investment, regular inspection of the production tubing and casing using our pipe evaluation services offers early detection of problem areas and allows for timely planning of remedial action. 

The High-Resolution Vertilog™ (HRVRT™) service delivers the highest-resolution electromagnetic casing inspection instrument in the industry. The HRVRT 360-degree defect map accurately pinpoints the location size of a casing defect whether internal or external. 

Other Baker Hughes casing inspection services provided are as follows: 

  • Digital Vertilog™ (DVRT™) 
  • Micro Vertilog™ (MVRT™) 
  • Digital Magnelog™ (DMAG™) 
  • Imaging Calipers™ (ICL™) 

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