Process operations in your refineries and pipelines have unique challenges that require safe and efficient solutions. Processing services from Baker Hughes provide a wide scope of solutions to help you improve your refinery productivity and pipeline efficiency in several key ways.

Maximize opportunity crude profitability

Overcome your problems with opportunity crude processing, corrosion, fouling, desalination, and foaming with our proven process treatment chemicals.

Ensure safe and reliable operations

Leverage our proven tools and technologies to optimize the performance and maintain the highest safety and environmental standards of your processing equipment. 

Improve pipeline safety and sustainability

Draw on our extensive expertise in high-resolution pipeline inspection and asset condition monitoring to keep your pipelines flowing safely and reliably. 

Optimize performance for the long term

Unlock more value and extend the operating life of your processing equipment, valves, flowmeters, and other machinery with our powerful digital monitoring and control tools.

Let’s discuss your specific processing challenges today and develop the right solutions to keep your pipelines and refineries running safely, reliably, and at peak performance.

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Processing services

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