Genuine Spare Parts
Genuine Spare Parts

Improving machine performance with technology injections, design enhancements, advanced materials, and more

Using genuine spare parts enables customers to access a comprehensive range of Baker Hughes services that are vital to maintaining the highest level of the machine performance. We cover all Baker Hughes and heritage-brand equipment of any age.

Turbomachinery Repairs
Advanced Repairs

Collaborative and innovative repair and lifecycle services that deliver industry-leading equipment availability and reliability

With repair shops strategically located worldwide, we perform repair activities on all our OEM components, leveraging our extensive engineering knowledge across product design and manufacturing, installation, operation, and performance enhancement.

Field Services
Field Services

OEM personnel to quickly execute field activities with latest technologies, anywhere in the world

We have over 1,000 field service personnel across seven regions in fully autonomous local teams. When additional support is needed for specific expertise or extra capacity during peak demand periods, additional Field Service Engineers can be mobilized from our Italian headquarters.

Certified Renewed Equipment

Reliable and cost-effective solutions for faster total outage cycles

Our Certified Renewed Equipment is backed by OEM warranties and provides cost-effective solutions to decrease total outage and overhaul cycle times, while ensuring availability of equipment based on current or out-of-production technology.



Quality and speed

Two key factors at play here are our investment in localized resources that improve response times and capabilities in every region, and embracing the power of digitization to ensure full understanding of every issue at your site and to improve the technologies deployed to solve them—from Smart Helmets™ that enhance real-time remote troubleshooting, to additive manufacturing processes that can get you out of an emergency situation or simply reduce your inventory costs.



When a Baker Hughes Field Engineer (FE) arrives at your site, you're buying that individual’s knowledge and experience. So, we invest heavily in global training and certification programs, ensuring that all our FEs worldwide benefit from the same criteria and instructional techniques such as plant simulators and monitoring technologies. Once fully qualified and in the field, every FE is an indispensable part of the feedback loop for future technology enhancements.



We invest significant resources to carefully evolve proven solutions, and to develop and acquire disruptive new technologies. Our approach is continuous and forward-reaching—and always rooted in our customers’ needs for increased reliability and availability, longer equipment life, higher safety and environmental performance, and increased productivity.


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