Production optimization ultimately translates to maximizing your asset value by improving operating efficiency and lowering costs. Baker Hughes offers cost-effective chemical treatments that enhance well productivity by mitigating a myriad of operating hindrances.

Whether you aim for consistent flow or optimal recovery, our carefully selected treatments address every application:

Emulsion treatment

Select from a broad range of demulsifier treatments to reduce storage and equipment needs, improve vessel efficiency, minimize skim oil production, and trim overall facility costs.

Water clarification

Select the optimal water clarifier treatment to improve your system’s water quality, extend water injection filter life, and reduce oil-carryover. 

Foamer and defoamer treatment

Prevent liquid loading and boost gas production volumes with our liquid and solid foamers. Limit liquid carry-over in separators, reduce plugging, and minimize process shutdowns with our defoamers. 

Well stimulation treatments

Reduce wellbore skin damage and production declines due to scale, paraffin, and asphaltene deposition with our proven wellbore stimulation and remediation programs.

Chemical automation services

Implement automated chemical treatments to deliver a precise dosage, regardless of well conditions, thus reducing chemical waste and site visitations.

Let’s work together to develop an optimization treatment that boosts your production rates while lowering your operating costs.

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Production optimization

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