Removing contaminants from produced or processed hydrocarbon streams is critical to maximizing the market value of your stream, minimizing operational inefficiencies and reducing the risk of unplanned costs.  Whether the contaminant you face is mercury, ash, sulfur or another contaminant that constrains your operations, you need a solution that is fast, effective and reliable.

The Baker Hughes ALCHEMIA™ contaminant removal solution effectively removes contaminants to below the targeted key performance indicator (KPI) levels you strive to achieve, consistently and reliably.  Whereas the traditional approach to contaminant removal often fails to reach low level KPIs, the ALCHEMIA solution is successful by integrating three vital proficiencies:

  • Specialty chemical additive(s) designed to specifically tackle the target contaminant(s) and deliver reliable KPI results
  • Application of additives in a synergistic system to produce a high-quality, on-spec hydrocarbon stream that achieves maximum market value
  • A field system approach, including chemical and mechanical solutions, to identify opportunities to streamline operations, save costs and speed time to market

Reach out to us to learn now we can help you reliably remove contaminants, save costs and maximize the value of your hydrocarbon stream.

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Contaminant removal