Well monitoring and analytics services deliver invaluable information to help you optimize production, extend reservoir run life, and increase your field’s recovery factor. Permanent well monitoring solutions from Baker Hughes deliver continuous, real-time, downhole data for a range of wellbore parameters. 

Track production in real time. Closely monitor well performance and reservoir conditions to optimize production rates with our electronic well monitoring systems. 

Optimize artificial lift performance. Regardless of your type of lift, extend run life, quickly respond to changing well conditions, and avoid workovers with our artificial lift monitoring solutions. 

Monitor hydrocarbon recovery. Accurately measure flow from multiple zones for production allocation with our robust downhole flowmeters.  

Monitor the health of your downhole assets. Through our industry-leading fiber-optic monitoring technology, measure downhole pressures, temperatures, strains, and acoustics to track recovery and assess casing integrity as reservoir conditions change. 

Let’s work together to build an integrated well monitoring and analytics solution to boost your production rates, extend reservoir recovery, and minimize well intervention costs.  

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