We bring advanced energy technology solutions to help industry produce more from less

factory refinery

Improving efficiency and uptime in power generation

We provide industrial power generation solutions with our NovaLT family of turbines in the 5-20MW range. Our technology provides power to industries including refining, cement, mining, steel, and other heavy and process industries.

petrochemical plant

Optimizing compression performance

Our advanced equipment is specifically designed  to maximize reliability and efficiency for fuel gas, air, H2 and CO2 compression processes. 

mining image

Centrifugal pumping technology

Our centrifugal pumps can be highly customized for use in a vast range of industrial applications, such as water, desalination and mining.


Energy technology solutions for industry

Industrial-Power 60x60
Power generation

We provide a wide range of gas and steam turbines for power generation, cogeneration (CHP), and mechanical drive applications - reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the adoption of greener fuels like hydrogen.

Industrial-PumpsValvesFlowMeters 60x60
Compression and pumping

We provide a wide range of technologies to customize flow solutions and maximize industrial plant profitability through efficiency and reliability.

Industrial-Chemicals 60x60
Process chemicals and additives

We offer a wide range of industrial chemical solutions including corrosion management chemicals, drag reducers, water treatment chemicals and fuel additives.

Industrial-Digital 60x60
Digital industrial solutions

We bring peace of mind to the world’s infrastructure. Our intelligent, connected technologies sense, monitor, control, and inspect your operations in real time.