Sulfur removal in light hydrocarbon streams is an ongoing problem for midstream and downstream operations, especially when streams contain complex sulfur compounds that cannot be removed with traditional chemical scavengers. This challenge becomes more prevalent with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new Tier 3 gasoline standards, which reduces the allowed average sulfur content to ≤ 10 ppm.

You can avoid costly alternatives like hydrotreating or purchasing sulfur credits to meet the required specs with our EXALT™ sulfur extraction services—a turnkey, cost-efficient solution for your sulfur removal needs. Implementation includes industry-proven chemistries or a combination of chemical treatment and proprietary mechanical equipment to further drive reaction efficiency.

Innovative chemistries use a reaction/extraction process deliver superior sulfur removal performance over traditional chemical programs

Modular, mobile equipment allows for temporary, contingency-based solutions when existing equipment is down for maintenance, as well as modularity for product volume fluctuations.


  • Cost-efficient removal of sulfur from light hydrocarbon streams

  • Meets EPA specifications

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