• Evaluate hydrogen-fueled gas turbine performance and availability
  • Acquire know-how on H2 and H2NG combustion and emission control
  • Increase knowledge about all aspects concerning hydrogen as possible energy carrier, including safety aspects
  • Demonstrated industrial-scale electricity production in H₂ fueled plant
  • PGT10/1 running at 97% vol H₂ content reference is unique in the world
  • Enhanced existing power plant performance with the H₂ cycle
  • Optimized combustion technology focusing on emissions and efficiency

Case study details

In January 2004, the largest Italian utility joined the Hydrogen Park Consortium (HPC) to develop a power-generation system based on hydrogen fuel, and to demonstrate its use in a high-density residential and industrial area. This was the world’s largest experimental park for the creation of a full-scale hydrogen‑based economy. HPC was way ahead of the hydrogen curve, and we’re proud to say we were there to help.

The H2-IGCC project was co-funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Program for Research and Development based on the initiative outlined by the European Turbine Network (ETN) in 2007.


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